Helping farmers find value that grows

We work with landholders to develop “no regrets” carbon and natural capital regeneration projects that diversify land manager income, secure long term food supply & environmental resilience. Agriculture is a key part of the solution towards addressing climate change and de-carbonising our economy. It’s RegenCo’s role to partner with landholders and investors to accelerate the shift to a regenerative role for agriculture.

We believe regeneration of natural capital and value for future generations can be achieved profitably, today. We work to create financial value for landholders from applying regenerative management through carbon and natural capital markets.

What we do

We work with pastoralists to identify possible opportunities to change the way their property is managed, and collaborate with the owners and managers to develop and then implement property management plans that:

• Increase overall enterprise profitability

• Increase enterprise financial resilience to hard times

• Optimise production by building and maintaining healthy soils and grass cover

• Identify and access alternative markets & new revenue streams

• Allow access to innovative finance packages including  “up front” payments, with the new investment flowing to new pastoral infrastructure that supports planned carbon sequestration and emission avoidance from changed management

• Apply cutting edge technologies for transparent supply chain data management, and verifiable environmental and sustainability claims