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Overview of RegenCo

Australian Farmers have been working the land for centuries, each generation motivated to leave the land more resilient, productive, and profitable than they found it. It’s this spirit of stewardship that inspires RegenCo’s mission; we exist to help farmers sustain the land that sustains Australia.

RegenCo supports farmers’ ability to balance their social, environmental and financial goals to achieve a strong agricultural triple bottom line.

RegenCo helps landholders diversify their revenue streams through the creation and sale of carbon credits.

We partner with landholders to improve the natural capital on which their businesses are based by storing carbon, while at the same time, providing access to a supplementary income.

For Landholders

We have a disciplined approach to understanding how much carbon is on a property when we first partner with landholders.

We focus on the activities that can best be implemented alongside your existing enterprise and that have the greatest potential to earn revenue through sale of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), earned for increases in carbon stored or reducing emissions relative to an historical baseline level.

Supporting landholders’ ability to balance their environmental, social and financial goals to achieve a strong agricultural triple bottom line.

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RegenCo is a signatory to the Carbon Market Institute’s Code of Conduct, which is a voluntary and industry-led Code of conduct which aims to promote market integrity, consumer protection and appropriate interaction with carbon project stakeholders, including Native Title Holders, representative bodies, land managers and project owners.RegenCo is committed to developing and conducting our business in line with industry best practice and interacting with our clients and other stakeholders in a professional and ethical manner.

For more information about the Code of Conduct, you can visit the Carbon Market Institute’s Code of Conduct WEBSITE.

RegenCo has in-house capacity to develop environmental accounts and methodologies in accordance with the Accounting for Nature® Standard. Properties assessed under the scheme are able to quantify the condition and improvement of it’s environmental assets, in accordance with strict and verifiable methods. RegenCo have chosen to work with this world-leading standard to ensure the highest integrity and transparency of environmental accounts and improvements.

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