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RegenCo’s response to the findings of the Chubb Review
16 January 2023

RegenCo welcomes the findings and recommendations from the Independent Chubb Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) released on 9...

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Carbon markets: what impact will new legislation have on ACCUs?
12 January 2023

RegenCo managing director Greg Noonan said the report was a weight off the industry’s shoulders.

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Could degraded farm land be valuable to carbon farming?
5 September 2022

Degraded land has traditionally been valued as that, being of less value to agriculture production than a well developed and...

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RegenCo helps farmers sustain the land
1 August 2022

RegenCo works with landholders to identify and develop carbon and natural capital regeneration projects that diversify income, secure long-term food...

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Federal Government launches carbon farming review
1 July 2022

THE newly elected Albanese Government has taken the 10th anniversary of Australia’s carbon market to announce a review of...

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