Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

RegenCo is one of Australia’s leading natural capital businesses, specialising in agricultural productivity, land management and carbon projects.

We have registered carbon projects across 4 million ha in three states. Our goal is to have sequestered tens of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide in the coming dacade.

RegenCo partners with other leaders in our field to bring expertise in our quest to help landowners manage their land and drive our vision to help Australian Ag regenerate.


Agronomeye is an Australian AgTech start-up that develops digital technology to help farmers make the best use of their property.

Agronomeye’s Digital Foundation and AgTwin platform enable the creation of maps and models of farms in very precise detail, helping landowners and managers understand what’s going on across their property, in real time.

RegenCo and Agronomeye have partnered to develop a game-changing 3D model that allows farmers to combine data sources such as yield maps, machinery, weather and on-farm sensor data, with ongoing tracking of a landscape using lidar technology.

Agronomeye’s cutting-edge technology creates 3D whole-of-farm models that show ground cover, areas of forest and native vegetation – down to the individual tree – along with water flow and topography.

Read Press Release here.


Aerometrex is a geospatial tech company with a focus on providing data-driven insights for a range of business applications.

As a preferred supplier to the private & public sector, the company has over 40 years of experience in areas such as aerial imagery and mapping, 3D modelling and airborne LiDAR.

Aerometrex works with RegenCo and our partner Agronomeye on the physical capture – with fixedwing planes – and scanning of LIDAR sensors that feed into Agronomeye’s AgTwin technology.

Read Press Release here.

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