How we help Landholders improve their land and diversify their revenue streams

There are many different ways to increase carbon stocks on farm

RegenCo enables farmers to balance their social, environmental and financial goals, and in doing so, achieve a strong agricultural triple bottom line.

The creation and sale of carbon credits establishes a supplementary revenue stream that diversifies income, secures a long-term food supply and helps to build environmental resilience.

All RegenCo farming projects are tailored to meet the needs of landholders’ individual needs and that of their specific farming operation.

RegenCo partner with likeminded landholders to incorporate Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) and Beef Cattle Herd Management projects alongside your existing enterprise. We take on the carbon project development and management, measuring and reporting, and carbon credit marketing on behalf of landholders, in return for a share of the earned credits.

HIR projects are the most common vegetation carbon projects undertaken by landholders across Australia. They improve the natural capital on which the business is based by storing carbon, but they also provide additional revenue, by adding another enterprise and income stream into the business.

Our team of project and technical specialists can help you earn a diversified, reliable income stream through carbon farming.

The additional income stream can be invested back into your business in whatever way you see fit.

There are many different ways to increase carbon stocks on a farm and the team at RegenCo can work with you to identify the best opportunities for you and your farming enterprise.

Generating revenue from your land

At RegenCo, we know that increasing the amount of carbon stored in soil and the right types of vegetation is a positive for farm production and the earth’s climate. However, we have a very tight focus on understanding how much carbon is on a property when we first partner with the owners, and how the carbon stock changes over time. Knowing how the carbon stock levels have increased over time is essential to be able to create and sell Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), under the Australian Government Carbon Farming Initiative legislation.

We focus on the activities that can best be implemented alongside your existing enterprise and that have the greatest potential to earn revenue through sale of ACCUs, earned for increases in carbon stored or reducing emissions relative to an historical baseline level. Carbon storage management intervention opportunities include:

Human Induced Regeneration of Native Forest
Avoided Clearing of Native Forest
Environmental Planting of Native Forest
Soil Carbon Sequestration

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