RegenCo calls for increased carbon market integrity and transparency

RegenCo, 1 July 2022

RegenCo, one of Australia’s leading natural capital businesses, has welcomed a review of Australia’s carbon crediting system by Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen. 

CEO and Managing Director Greg Noonan said the review must improve integrity and transparency across the expanding sector, improving certainty for investors and driving uptake by farmers. 

“Australia’s carbon farming industry is well positioned to make a significant contribution to our national emissions reduction challenge, while enhancing food and fibre production and profitability, and contributing to biodiversity and cultural values of all land uses. 

“Australia’s carbon farming industry has gained significant momentum in the last decade. However, some historical carbon farming activities have been seen to lack rigour and brought the integrity of the entire market into question – triggering the need for this review.” 

“Ultimately, this review must be about the farmer. As a sector, we need to do everything to support integrity, trust and certainty, and improve conditions for investment.” 

Tim Moore, Co-Founder & Head of Science & Strategy, said RegenCo wants the review to be rapid, independent, and must ensure any changes to current or carbon farming methods under development are accessible and attractive to farmers and bring rigour and confidence for investors. 

“There is always room for improvement in a rapidly evolving industry. At RegenCo, we are focussed on using leading edge technologies to bring about the transparency required for market integrity. 

“Advanced technology will improve the conduct and performance of everyone in the sector, and boost market confidence in the use of carbon offsets as part of the emissions reduction challenge. 

“Carbon farming has the potential to deliver increased agricultural productivity, important environmental outcomes, and generate new employment and revenue opportunities for rural and regional Australia. 

“RegenCo is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency in our dealings with the sector and putting farmers at the centre of everything we do.” 

RegenCo is one of Australia’s leading natural capital businesses, specialising in agricultural productivity, land management and carbon projects. RegenCo has registered carbon projects across 4 million ha in three states and aims to have sequestered tens of millions of tonnes in the coming decade. 

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